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Customer Testimonials

  • Good Guys at Sals
    Good guys over at Sals, blunt, straight shooters, give them a look never know what they'll have in there.

  • We needed a good cheap car for our kid, Jim and Geoff had some pretty good older 4x4s for the money, they even put new brakes on and had it checked out first. Good guys I would buy from them again. Paul

  • SAL'S 4x4 Dream Land
    Saw the 88 Jeep and fell in love.. Jim & Geoff were very helpful and friendly. Would have never been able to get such a great rig without SAL'S Motor Corral. I plan on buying a 3/4ton Truck very soon and these guy's are the ones to see. They stand behind the Jeep and offer help way beyond the norm. If your looking for a good Family friendly Honest Dealership check out SAL's. You will not be let down. Thanks again guy's. I love my new Jeep. :) Erik Carlson

  • Excellent Reputation
    Now I see why Sals has such a good reputation and so many positive testimonials! I was very surprised at how straight forward and honest Jim and (don't forget Tammy, shes such a sweetheart!) Geoff were, they answered my questions clearly, offered advice without trying to "sell" me and when I made a cash offer they accepted without trying to squeeze more money out of me. I am a new customer to Sals but I will come back again and again because of the fantastic customer service.        Jenny Brinlee

  • Sals is the best !!
    Awesome !! I am so thrilled with my auto purchase from Sals Motor Corral. Thank you to Jeff, Jim and Tammy for the excellent customer service. They took the time to work with me on getting an awesome vehicle within my budget. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a vehicle. They are the best!!!!

  • Easy to deal with
    These guys really are the easiest car dealers I have ever worked with. My wife and I walked out in a state of shock, in house financed with no interest, cheap payment, it was great, no surprises, we loved it. Thanks Jim and Jeff, we are customers for life and already watching your website for another car.      TJ and Lisa

  • Good People!
    Really good people at sals, not like any other car lot I have ever seen. Jim is a total nut, Geoff is a really good guy and my wife and just love Tammy, she's the best. Give these people a chance they are excellent folks!!!  Mike

  • you guys rock
    I bought a 87 jeep wrangler and a 2003 gmc envoy. Jim,jeff and tammy where awesome to deal with and true to there word. The payments are always affordable, with no extra fees. if you need a great vehicle go to sals!!!!!!

  • I hate used car dealers
    First off let me say that I hate used car dealers, or at least I used too! I bought a $10K car with half down, got a zero interest loan on the other half with a cheap payment. I was given straight answers, no selling, had a lot of laughs, I was shocked, have never had an experiance like this. These guys are A-1 in my book, thyey are real people, never tried to tell me me what I wanted, answered my questions honestly, treated me like a friend. I read a lot of these comments and had a lot of suspicion but now Im a believer. Jim calls it like he sees it and Geoff will not lie to you to sell you a car. I wear my Sals Motor Corral T shirt with pride and will go back again for another car.    Michelle L.

  • Great guys
    Great guys! I bought a 2005 Harley Davidson FXSTBI from them on eBay and it was way better than described!Would buy again. Thanks Jim and Geoff.       Jeff McCullough, Albuquerque New Mexico

  • A ton of fun
    We needed an inexpensive ($3000-$5000) second car that gets better MPG than our truck. When we went to some of the bigger dealerships they pointed towards the dirty back row stuff, sort of sneered at us for wanting a cheap car or asked a rediculuos price and wouldn't budge even though we were paying cash. Jim and Geoff were the polar opposite, very down to earth, happy to have our business, a big cash discount and treated us like we were buying a $20K car. They obviously love what they do and their huge turn over in cars shows that smiles and happy attitudes really work. Thanks guys for being so easy, thanks for not being pushy or snobby and thanks the most for making it a ton of fun. We will be back, we'll send our friends and family because we know you will take care of them as you did us, Thanks!   :>)    Naomi T and Dean.

  • An extremely happy customer!
    After horrible customer service from other local dealers (not mentioning any names), I was leery about dealing with another car dealer. But my wife fell in love with a car listed on Sal’s website, the 2000 Mustang. With great trepidation I headed to Sal’s, figuring we’d get the same treatment we’ve gotten before at dealerships. I have to say, I was quite pleasantly pleased to be wrong. Jeff, Jim and Tammy were all AMAZING! We walked onto Sal’s lot on Thursday to look at the Mustang, again the following day for a closer look and more details. Called the dealership on Sunday to arrange to get the car to find they were closed, but their message gave Jim’s cell number. I called Jim on a Sunday and left a voicemail, not 20 minutes later he called me back and talked for 30 minutes while setting up the workings for Monday for us to see about getting it. They called me Monday to tell me the Mustang was back from their mechanic and ready to roll. 45 minutes after walking in the door, 15 minutes for paper work and 30 just chit-chatting, (Jim’s a talker. LOL) we were out the door with keys in hand. I have to say, dealing with everybody at Sal’s is one of the best experiences I’ve EVER had buying a car. It wasn’t like sitting in an office talking with any dealer; it was like sitting and talking with long time friends. Sal’s has won over a skeptic and gained a customer for life. Any time I’m looking for a vehicle in the future, Sal’s will be the FIRST place I look!

  • Mrs. Gutierrez
    I bought a wonderful van from this lot and all I can say is that I was treated awesome good by Jeffrey (the owner) and was very happy with my van until I passed it on to my son. It was a Chevy Venture. This guy is really honest and has very good customer skills. I will be a repeat customer when I need a new (used) car.

  • Helped my business
    These guys have really helped our business, construction has been crushed since 2008, we had to downsize in a big way which really hurt our credit. Geoff and Jim let me put about half down on a big F350 work truck, carried the rest with zero interest, an easy payment and zero shenanigans. This truck allowed us to get a lot more work done, gets us paid when our bank would not help us at all because of a credit score though we've never missed a payment, ever with them. From now on, we finance through Sals, its more money up front but they have never taken advantage of our situation, always help us with repairs at their cost which is way cheap. I guess the really big difference is that they actually offer great customer service unlike other dealers that are all talk and no action. JT

  • An Unforgettable Dealership!
    Our experience with Sal's Motor Corral has been hands down the best professional and friendliest experience we have ever had for many reasons! First and foremost, we must explain why... My husband and I moved back to the USA after living abroad for several years. Of course, coming back into a horrible economy, it was very difficult for us to buy a car to our standards, in which we could make monthly payments at a rate we could afford ( It was even harder to buy a car which didn't require such a high interest rate every month in addition to making the monthly installments). After looking at different dealerships, we came across Sal's Motor Corral, and decided to take a look at their vehicles in hopes that luck would be on our side in purchasing a vehicle affordably. Geoff and Jim immediately understood our situation and discussed with us the possibility of purchasing a vehicle from them. They also informed us, thankfully, that there was NO INTEREST RATE in addition to our monthly payments! Which of course, made our decision to buy a vehicle with them much simpler. We took great interest in a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, and decided to purchase it, and in just under 2 hours we had a car!!! Respectfully, of course, we make our monthly payments on time every month, but more importantly, we grew a friendship with everyone who works there! We look forward to making payments directly to them because we get to visit and say "hello". If we have any questions about our car, Jim is there to answer them, by generously offering to take a look at the vehicle, and if there are any repairs needed, he finds a reasonably affordable price to have it fixed. Now we would like to make some upgrades to our vehicle, and as a result, out of trust and loyalty we will contact Jim as soon as we can. In conclusion, despite how long this testimonial may be, Sal's Motor Corral is inevitably outstanding! We would recommend this dealership to anyone and everyone! My husband and I were going through a very challenging time, and they made things much easier for us. They helped us get a start on the path in which we wanted. They gave us the opportunity to take the first step into starting our new lives, and they made one challenge much easier to manage. We could not be more grateful with everyone at Sal's Motor Corral for their understanding, kindness and friendship. Thank you all so much for everything! We will recommend your dealership to everyone we know! Jamie and Andrea Mastrogiovanni

  • eBay F250
    Bought my F250 work truck on eBay. Awesome truck. Would gladly recomend, look forward to doing more buisness. Matt Lindquist, Dallas TX

  • eBay Dodge
    I bought a Dodge Ram 2500 diesel on eBay, Jim was very knowledgeable, courteous, and an all around good egg!     Brett

  • New in Durango and Sals
    My husband and I just moved here (hello Durango, we love it here!) from GJ. I called Durango DMV and talked to a very nice lady who does titles. I asked her which used car dealer in town should we go to for a truck, her response was," I hear nothing but really good things about Jim and Jeff over at Sals, their customers are happy and seem to love what they do over there." 48 hours later we had a new (used) truck with 0% in house financing, we were very impressed, no pressure, they are real people, really nice, was the easiest experiance buying a truck ever! I am a Sals convert, lol!!!!     Bree and Tom

  • Best reputation in town
    Jim and Geoff have the best reputation in town when it comes to used 4X4 trucks. We buy all of our company trucks at Sals, have all been good working rigs. Ask them a question and you'll get a straight answer everytime without any of the garbage that most dealers offer. Go to Sals, give them a chance to earn your business, buy local.       Greg

  • Happy customer
    After going through a divorce, Jim and Geoff helped put me into a vehicle of my very own. They were very friendly and helpful. Easy payment terms made it possible for this single mother to pay it off and upgrade to a newer vehicle this year. This is my second purchase and I will continue doing business with these guys!!! Anyone looking to do business local with honest hard working guys should consider buying from this lot!!! I absolutely love my new xterra and couldn't beat the price!!! Thank you Jim and Geoff :)

  • These guys are awesome
    These guys awesome, are the only ones in town that carry a lot of solid, cheaper used cars. They fiinanced us on our truck out of pocket at $250 a month and no interest, 0%! who does that??? They are very honest, no games, we really enjoyed dealing with them and will go back again and again. Thanks Jim, Geoff and Tammy, you are way cool car dealers!!!!!!     Lisa and Dan 

  • Went above and beyond
    Jim and Jeff are very professional. We sold a car to them and there was no haggling, debating, or major discussions. We offered a fair price and it was accepted. The closing took 10 minutes. They went above and beyond to make the experience easy and enjoyable. The next time we need a car, they will be our first call.

  • Best dealer in 4 corners
    This is by far the best dealer anywhere in the 4 corners area. There are very few things that Jim and Jeff won't do to help people out. They helped out our family with more then we could have ever asked. I will keep coming back for years to come.   Matty W

  • Jim is a class act
    Jim is a class act, 5 stars all the way!!!!    Christy

  • Wow!!!!!
    WOW!!!!! What to say? Geoff and Jim................. There really isn't enough good things I can say. We became apart of Sal's through our buisness and from there joined their family. We had a head on collision on Dec 3, 2011 totaling our truck. Not having any thing to drive the guys at Sal's got us into a beautiful truck that fit us and our company perfectly, at a perfect price might I add. These 2 men go above and beyound! No frills and no BS. They tell it how it is and get a perfect match. I will continue to use them for other vehicle purchases. Thank You Geoff and Jim!!     Liz

  • These guys surprised me
    These guys really surprised me, I went in to buy a Jeep TJ, was ready for a bunch of the usual used car lot games and double talk. They left me alone, answered my questions honestly, let me test drive by myself and when I made a decent cash offer they just said OK without any haggling, extra fees or crap. I was done with paper work in like 20 minutes after the test drive. I really like how treated me, liked how they do business, I have sent friends to see them with the same results, will go back and buy from them again.************ John

  • No games just straight plain talk
    Jim and Geoff really are great guys, brutally honest, no games, no surprises, plain talk, it was like buying from a buddy with a car lot rather than a dealer. We went back and bought a second truck from them less than 6 months later and are looking at a 3rd right now, we cant say enough good things about them, they have earned our loyalty for life. Go see them, you wont regret it!!!!   Julie B

  • Straight shooters all the way
    I just want to say that these guys are awesome. They re straight shooters and they have bent over backwards to make sure that me and my family were taken care of. I am on my 2nd vehicle from them and I am a happy customer. Rarely do you find a used car salesman you can trust. Jim and Geoff have earned my trust and respect. Check em out. You won t be disappointed.   Robert

  • Great guys and service
    Great guys, great customer service and a great vehicle! I can t say enough positive things about my experience with Jeff, Jim and the whole gang at Sals. Don t waste your time looking anywhere else these guys are one stop shopping.    Dezx

  • Single mother of three
    I have to honestly say that Jeff and Jim are two of the best guys in the car busines. Without their honesty and integrity, I would not have purchased a vehicle in Durango. Jeff and Jim have been more than helpful and have made this experience easy . I highly recommend anyone thinking of purchasing a used vehicle, go see them first!!        Daphne

  • Jim and Jeff are so easy to deal with
    Jim and Jeff exceeded all expectations. They bought our car and gave us a fair price. When we needed help with the purchase and delivery of a new car, they kindly stepped in and helped us. The next time we need a car, Jim and Jeff will be our first call.   Lori

  • Buying a used 4x4 car for our daughter
    Wow! Jim at Sal's Motor Corral is redifining Car Sales! We were shopping for a "kid car" as our oldest is turning 16 this month. Jim painlessly helped us figure out exactly what we wanted - (we honestly didn't know when we started!) and then he found it! He stayed within our budget, searched the auctions and brought back the perfect "kid car!" Thanks, Jim! We will be talking about you for awhile! You're the BEST!     Sarah

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